New Ecommerce solution for local KSA merchants

A KSA startup approached me to create an ecommerce solution that can offer a new user experience.

The brief

In our introduction meeting, my client discussed the opportunity to create an ecommerce solution where merchants of small local KSA business specialized in fashion and style apparels can display their products… My client was really keen to give the end user a unique experience in term of design.

Key Objectives

My client provided examples of unique designs of global ecommerce solutions and wanted the user interface of the solution to get close to it or exceed it.

The Research

The initial research lead to a specific findings when it comes to user engagement:

  1. 80% of the users seeking the type of products my client is serving are females.
  2. 73% of female online shoppers are interested in discounts and offers.
  3. 92% of female shoppers are interested in unique products.
  4. 90% of total online shoppers are interested in smooth and lifelike shopping experience, and mostly will value a physical experience.

The Positioning

After delepreation and analysis with end user insights in mind, we positioned the product as: “A unique online fashion shopping experience, customized and themed by the end user providing a life-like shopping simulation while focusing on the product details and uniqueness”

The Business Operation

Based on the fact that this operation will be style driven with a focus on the product, we created a business SOP and governess leaning towards horizontal structure, where female leads are heading a creative unite with specific goals and objectives. These unites are small and can grow into clusters as the demand and operation grows to optimize the salary investment and running operational cost.

To test our model with actual end users, we created a demo site promoting the idea and included a registration to be the first to test the solution, and did a targeted social media promotion. Also we tested the operation model internally as a non-digital MVP using CRM and CMS.

A complete investor pitch deck was created with the lean business canvas.

The Technology

To create the unique shopping experience, my research landed on using Digital Twins to replicate themed shopping malls or markets, and allow the user to navigate and view the products in its simulated natural space.

For cost optimization, we decided that the concept of virtual shopping tour will start with 3D virtual models and evolve over the first 3 years into digital twins… unless a specific investment from VC or fund was granted.