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What does digital transformation mean?

It’s the effective integration of digital solutions with most aspects of your business to achieve real optimization and drive actual business growth.

However; digital transformation is more… It’s the realization of a business purpose, orchestration, development acceleration, disruption, designing and sustaining innovation of the digital tools used to unblock revenue generating initiatives.

Making technology more personal and meaningful.

The best way to achieve successful digital transformation and/or innovation is to “talk people” and bring the business model back to its basic elements of customer needs and business objectives.

Industries I worked with


Over 14 years working with the top pharmaceutical companies, international health organizations, local and foreign MOHs in over 10 countries.

Civil Engineering and Architect

For 8 years, I was the innovations director for a technology group that built software for the TSN USA, serving civil engineers and architects.

FMCG and Hospitality

Starting 1995 and up to 2001 I worked for many marketing companies to build automations and innovate ways to optimize their workflows. I lead innovations in virtual tours back in 1996.

Marketing & Advertising

One of my passions and parallel careers has been creative advertising and design… for the past 30 years I have developed systems, process automations and solutions for this industry.

Clients I worked with

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